How to manage business calls when you are on a vacation with IVR Solutions

How to manage Business calls when you are on a Vacation with IVR Solutions

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Vacations are a very important part of our life; no matter in which profession you are. You need a break to refresh your mind. But when you are a businessman or a business manager, you need to think twice. It is not that easy for a business person to stay away from his business, even for some hours. What’s the solution now? If you are also stuck in this situation then don’t bother because Minavo has an excellent solution for you which is: VAgent -IVR system. You can manage the business when you are on a vacation with IVR solutions. It lets you collect the information, so that you can connect to the callers whenever you come back. It stays there every time for your customers. 

What is an IVR Call Exactly?

First of all, let us understand what an IVR call is. IVR stands for interactive voice response. It is an interactive and automated calling technology that interacts with the callers. It routes the call to the appropriate recipient after gathering some information from the caller. Sometimes it provides all the information asked by the user in automated call also, even without routing to any operator. You will be surprised to know that with the modern IVR system, you can even get the response of the customers with the spoken words. It means a voice recognition facility is available there. In IVR the conversations are already recorded. These recorded conversations provide well-managed and easy assistance to the user. And finally, according to the feed of a user, they get connected to a live agent or operator. In these calls, the user firstly gives the input using their mobile’s touchpad and then can communicate to the final operator.

IVRcanhandlethecustomer, no matter where you are!

By using IVR Solutions you can deal with your customers at any time, irrespective of your location. Your customers will get the response from the IVR call even when you are on vacation. In this way, the client/customer will also feel treated well and you can also enjoy the vacation without harming any business. The best thing about the IVR calling is that you don’t have to attend the customer in the first place. They will be assigned to you after their respective feed. First of all, they are asked about the type of assistance they want. After that, if they need your advice, their call will be routed to you. Some callers get the answers to their queries by the automated inputs. It reduces your and customer’s wait time. If somebody wants to talk to the operator and you are not available IVR drops them an appropriate automated message with the option of dropping a voice mail. 

Customers can contact you 24*7 with IVR Solutions

Customers can call you anytime; it doesn’t mean that you have to be there always. IVR provides no time restrictions. The customers can get assistance anytime with the automated responses. The good thing about IVR is that you can restrict the availability of the live agent while on the vacations. If you are on vacation, IVR will assist them with a message of unavailability of the live agent. It will not disappoint your callers and also lets you enjoy the holiday. You can call them whenever you get back to the work, as IVR stores the data.

 IVR provides you an error-free system of managing the customers

Indeed, you cannot trust each and everybody when it comes to your business. You want to make the final checks and make sure that everything is error-free. But when you are using an IVR then there is no need for worrying. You can rely on the system because it will help you to manage your business without an error. With an IVR automated attendant, you can respond to hundreds of customers in a day. So if you have an IVR system, your team can easily handle it, even in your absence. And you will be able to check all the processes after coming from the vacation as it can be integrated with CRM.

Why should you choose Minavo’s VAgent?

  • First of all, you get a 24*7 presence in the business using VAgent.
  • After that, you get the storage of all the data.
  • The next and the best thing is that you get all the data of the calls in case any call is missed or for future references.
  • Another important thing is that you can integrate the calls with other applications as well. These applications include CRM, help desk software, apps, and websites.  
  • Next thing, you will get is that your caller can drop a voice-mail to you. 

So these were some benefits of an IVR that makes you enjoy your vacations without disrupting your work. You can handle both at a time with better efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Add this excellent automated technique in your growing business and enjoy your vacations.

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