Boost Customer Experience with Toll-Free Numbers

Boost Customer Experience with Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Businesses go to any extend to keep their customers happy. They ensure that the customers get what they require and provide them with additional services so that they remain to be loyal customers. Giving your customer the best user experience should be the aim of any business and there are various ways to achieve them. One such method is to provide them with Toll-Free Numbers. Toll free numbers is the best way a customer can connect to the businesses and many businesses have replaced their traditional phone numbers to these toll free numbers to serve customers better.

The real meaning of Toll Free Numbers

Regular numbers carry a charge for each call and they differ according to the duration and also differ from different service providers. If it is an international number then the charges would be double. However the Toll free Number is completely different compared to the regular phone numbers.As the name suggests, it is a totally free number, which means that the customer is not charged. So no matter how many times the customer calls the business or a company for their various issues and concerns, they will not be charged for the call. Even if it is an international number the customer will be exempted from any charge.

Toll Free service is provided to their customers so that the customers are motivated to reach out to them whenever the customers require it and it helps businesses grow as the customers are not hesitant to reach out to the business and there is always a connect between the customer and the business. But then the next thought that comes to mind is who pays for these calls? The companies pay for both the incoming and the outgoing calls.

Identifying Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are different from regular phone numbers. They usually start with 1-800 and some repetitive number follows it so that it is eye catchy for the customers and they can easily remember them. There are various other Toll free numbers that start with numbers that not necessarily be 1-800 and can be the area code of that location. Vanity numbers are toll free numbers where the certain acronym replaces the number for example 1-800-88-PLUS or 1800-TAXICAB. These numbers are easy to remember for the customers and are best used for marketing purpose. The vanity number 1800-TAXICAB to obtain the actual number, TAXICAB can be replaced by the numbers corresponding to the keys. This makes much easier to remember rather than memorizing the entire number.

Toll Free Numbers improves customer experience

  • Toll Free Numbers encourages the customers to reach out the companies whenever needed. It could be to solve an issue or it could be to enquire about the products. Customers will be able to build a relationship with the business easily and this helps in better business growth and customer interaction.
  • Toll Free numbers are much easier to remember compared to regular number, email or website URL.
  • Customers would also get the confidence that the business is always available to serve them whenever they need assistance.
  • Some customers prefer being assisted by humans, so having a toll free makes it convenient for them to choose your business over your competitors.
  • Toll Free numbers that are integrated with an IVR help to resolve issues of the customers much faster. Customer just needs to call the number and the call will a get routed to the right department where he can interact with an agent to resolve his issue or query.
  • Toll Free numbers that are integrated with a CRM will help agents to view the customers call logs and history of issues and they can assist the customer well.

Happy customers would help in growing your business and also help in increasing your business by spreading the word to others. Minavo offers Toll Free Numbers that are easy to remember and available to customers 24/7.If you are looking for a Toll Free number or other telecom services such as the IVR, CRM, Bulk SMS, Conferencing tool, Lead management tool etc. Reach out to Minavo and we will assist you with cost effective solutions.

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