Are you still unaware of these benefits of high-touch customer support?

Are you still Unaware of these benefits of High-Touch Customer Support?

Customer Support

High-touch customer service is a cutting-edge way of dealing with customers. The agenda is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. There are some complex issues that a chatbot and smart devices won’t be able to resolve. It would involve human intervention to offer a unique and memorable experience to customers. The main aim of Customer support is to keep clients happy which can be accomplished with customer service tactics by providing a personal touch to them.

Customers always appreciate when they have a human show concern for their issue. For a regular interaction with customers at a large scale means responding to everyone, quickly and sufficiently. 

Thanks to technology, some companies offers high-touch customer service through tech platforms. Companies use the CRM software to make the category based on different parameters as it is one of the robust technologies to use in the businesses. With the advancement of technology, it has become imperative for contact centers to adopt modern technologies to resolve customer issues. 

Let’s see how you can create an exceptional high-touch customer service to improve your customer experience:

Create a Personal Touch: From a report, it is clear that almost 48 % of customers want to have a direct conversation, mostly on call, to solve their issue. Be it whatever time of the day, it is assumed to be friendly and knowledgeable by the customers. In most favorable cases, if the query is resolved they may ask for more services from you or would refer your business to other friends. You can earn such benefits when the clients are kept happy . 

IVR systems are found to be useful for such a situation. It helps to interact with callers and redirecting them to the right person or agent that can assist them best. This is done to know the purpose of the call to route it to the most suitable agent at the time.

What could be better than knowing your customer before you pick their call? Now, before interacting with the customer you can know about the caller which includes their picture, name, company, email, address, phone number, and much more from their social media accounts. Knowing about the customer already makes a more personalized experience for the customer.This will genuinely improve the performance of your agents.

Live chat systems are valuable: Chat is a more effective approach to communicate with customers. Nowadays many businesses know the value of live chat support and are providing the same on their website. Unlike the traditional way, this real-time chat process allows you to handle multiple clients at a time without much hassle. 

By shifting to the cloud technologies business growth has been restored to a higher level. The collaboration of cloud technology with some helpful tools such as Shared inbox and help desk software can eliminate the struggle of business communication. Freshdesk & Salesforce integration brings the capabilities of a helpdesk into your CRM. Both sales and support team can work in sync to collect, manage, act, and report; thus, making a better communication channel.

Additionally, Web 2.0 is an interactive internet application which allows people to connect from all over the world where they can learn, and grow together over a digital medium.

CRM for Conversion Process: Every customer is different and they all expect something different. Automate the email system with CRM to engage the customers with appealing deals and offers. Send the emails to the customers who have not been in your touch for the past few months and engage them with upselling. Even you can track the emails to get insights about customer engagement.

Focus on Customer Feedback: Always make sure you ask for feedback from the customers to keep the company enhancing their customer service, product quality, and much more. Just using the internet many technologies allow a streamline business communication. Skype, FaceTime, and Viber Calls, all allow getting in touch with the customers in real-time through a video call for better interaction if needed. 

Adopting a customer-centric approach with robust tools not only enhances the customer experience but also grow your business. Satisfying a customer was a hard task but now it has become easy with the help of the right tools and a little effort. So, be customer-centric with the right technology and increase your revenue. 

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