Advantages of Live Call Tracking for Call Centers

Advantages of Live Call Tracking for Call Centers

live call tracking

Call Tracking is extremely beneficial for the call centers as it makes it possible to review the performance of the agents and also help businesses to analysis what the company is doing good and what the company is doing bad. Businesses can then focus on those areas that need improvement for better performance. Live tracking is observing calls through a call monitoring software and this software displays all the details of the agent and the customer and  many valuable insights can be obtained just by Live call Tracking.

Increased Agent Performance

Live call tracking helps monitor all the calls of the agents. This gives the admin or the team lead a clear picture of how an agent is performing and the agents can be trained in areas that need improvement. Admins and leads can manage the call centre better with Live call Tracking. Agents would also ensure to do well when they are aware of the fact that all their calls are monitored.

Valuable information

Businesses get many insights with Live Call tracking. Information such as what products the customers prefer the most, what are the days the calls increase etc. You can also gain insights about what are the common problems of customers and make sure the agents address them correctly. Admins and leads can also track the duration of the calls and determine why the calls are taking too long.

Peak Call Hours

Each call is very valuable as it would help the business grow. Missing calls due shortage of staff is a huge loss for businesses. With Live call tracking, businesses can determine when the number of calls increases and when there is lesser number of calls so they can ensure that there are enough number of agents to attend the customers and no calls go unattended or missed due to increase in call volume and shortage of staff.

Cost saving

Businesses can make proper market strategies through live call tracking and they also get a clear picture about the customer requirements so investments can be done wisely. With a lack of proper clarity business would invest in unwanted products that the customer doesn’t require and it would be expensive for the company. With Live call tracking businesses get a deeper understanding of these requirements. They can also train the agents based on performance and do not have to invest on those agents who are already performing well and  can focus on the ones who are not up to mark.

With live call monitoring the efficiency of call centre is considerably efficient, with higher business revenue. It is also noticed that the agents perform much better and customers are happy. Minavo offers various telecom services like IVR with Live call monitoring, Bulk messages, call recording etc. If you would like to set up live call monitoring for your business, reach out to us so that we can assist you.

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