Benefits of Using IVR System in the Hospitality Industry

Benefits of Using IVR System in the Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry is booming with the introduction of technology. Many people travel with friends and family, as solo travelers or business travelers. Due to the ease of travel options, all travelers have a fixed budget and are always looking for the best services. Taking this into consideration many hotel industries try to provide the best services and implement new technologies to stay ahead in the race. One such added technology is the IVR.

Most of us are familiar with a calm, pre-recorded voice that guides us through the various options either through voice recognition or by the input of options through a keypad. Well then the IVR needs no special introduction. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the most innovative and advanced feature of today’s technology.

An IVR is an automated phone system which allows the user to interact with a programmed computer. The programmed system would provide the required details to the customer or else would connect the customer to the right person to resolve their issue. This saves a lot of time and money for both the customer and businesses.

Now all customer-facing industry has switched its traditional telephonic services to the IVR. Be it large scale industries or small scale, they have all adopted the IVR technology because it is cost-effective. Nobody would want to spend loads of money on human operators when they can replace it by spending just a little on an IVR. Before the advancement of technology, there would be a person assigned to pick up the phone and they would transfer the call to the concerned department but now the most common use of the IVR is that it routes the calls to the right department without the help of human operators. That’s how awesome automated technology is. The hospitality industry also joins this race of adopting the IVR and it has a lot of advantages.


The main function of an IVR is answering customer calls and providing them with the answers to their questions. Suppose if the customer wants to know if a hotel in Shimla would be open when they arrive late in the night or if the hotel has certain amenities, all they have to do is call up the hotel and the pre-programmed IVR would provide the details. Since the IVR is automated and no human operator is assigned to answer the call, it is available 365/24/7. All the calls will be attended without any hold time and the customers would not have to wait for ten minutes just for an answer to a simple question.


An old proverb -The first impression is the best impression holds good here as well. An unsure guest trying to enquire about the place and booking it before his vacation would get a good feel about the place after a good greeting. A good greeting could give a positive image of a place to start with. IVRs are set up with a calm pre-recorded voice that first greets the caller, making the customer comfortable and providing a warm reception.

Personalized Experience

Gone are the days when many human operators were assigned to assist customers who speak a different language. Imagine how expensive it would be to have many operators. The IVR offers the ability to overcome the language barrier and can be programmed with local and regional languages thus providing personalized service to the customers. This is extremely useful if there is an outstation caller calling to gather information.

Information Hub

The IVR can be taught to answer all the frequently asked queries of the customers. It can provide details about the services offered, information about the packages available, booking rooms, and payment. The IVR is usually assigned many options and the customers can choose options according to their requirements. If the IVR is not able to answer the customer’s queries it is routed to a representative to assist the customer better.

Various Services

Hotels can now provide various facilities to their guest with the IVR. The Guest needs not call the front desk and wait for an operator for assistance, instead, they can just dial into the hotel’s number and choose various options like Do-not disturbs, Room service or booking the gym room to name a few. If the guest is unhappy with the service and wants to raise a complaint, he can do so using the IVR. Guests can also schedule wake up calls or even arrange for transport back to the airport, all of this and more can be programmed with the IVR.


Now feedbacks do not require pen and paper. An option can be set-up on the IVR to provide feedback. If the guest liked the service they can press an option or they can even rate the hotel.

IVR is not just for large scale hospitality industries, as it is cost-effective, even small scale hospitality industries have started trying their hand and settings up small IVR systems. It has improved efficiency and has enhanced customer and client satisfaction.

If you would you like to set up an IVR for your business to serve your customers and have been looking for a cost-effective option Minavo Telecom Networks provides this and various solutions for your business telephone needs.

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