How you can easily analyze sales calls with Minavo's Vagent.

How you can Easily Analyze Sales Calls with Minavo’s VAgent.

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We live in world where technology has advanced that most companies do their sales via phone calls. Agents reach out to prospective customers and explain about the product and convert the lead into a successful sale.But there would be certain calls that could not close the deal and it is very important to analyze and understand why the lead did not convert into a successful sale. It is also important to analyze sales calls on a frequent basis as this would give you a clarity as to what went well and what could have been better.

VAgent by Minavo™ Telecom Networks, a leading IVR service provider, is a cloud based IVR system that is used for call management. It has various notable features like Live call tracking,call recording, SMS alerts and interactive dashboard that is very useful for sales call analyses. VAgent helps you convert leads into successful sales deals as it has a user friendly Web and app panels. With the help of VAgent, Managers have the ability to access logs and call recordings sitting at home,this is because VAgent is a cloud based IVR system and all the data is saved securely on cloud so retrieving the data can be done from anywhere.  

Listed below are few among the many features of the VAgent that can help in easy analysis of sales calls:

Call Recording

Call recoding is a very important feature that helps to analyze sales calls and for quality assurance. VAgent records every interaction between the agent and the customer. Be it outbound or inbound calls. Calls that are not answered are recorded as a voicemail.These call recordings are stored safely on cloud and can be accessed when required.There are many advantages to call recording:

  • Details that are missed during the call

There are times when agents don’t ask the right questions at the right time or agents miss out on few important details provided by the customer. With call recording, team leads or managers can listen to the call recordings and make note of any important detail mentioned by the customer that can be useful in the future. Sometimes agents misunderstand what the customer is saying due to language barriers or some back ground noise, in such cases after listening to the call recordings and proper analysis the agents can call the customer back and explain the product again.

  • Learning and Training Purposes

A list of frequently asked questions can be prepared by listening to the call recordings that can be used to train the new agents so that they would have a better understanding on how to interact with the customer. Similarly, Call recordings of senior, well trained and experienced agents that are handled well can be used for training purposes.

  • Customer Feedback

Some customers provide feedback over the call. Business would get a clear idea of what the customer is looking for and their expectations by listening to the call recording.Through proper examination and analysis,if majority of the customer require a certain feature included in the product, then the sales team can inform that to the production team so that they can make necessary enhancement in the product.

  • Enhance the performance of the agents

Listening to the way the agents interacts with the customer would give you a lot of insight. Team leads or managers would get a clear idea as to how each agent is handling a call and trying to sell the product.If there are any agents who do not perform as per the requirements, he can be trained to do better.The areas that agent needs to improve can be noted and trainings can be given accordingly. This increases the chances of sale as the agents tend to perform better.

Interactive Dashboard

VAgent has an interactive dashboard for web and an app panel. This dashboard is very informative as it provides a lot of minute details that could be used to analyze sales calls. The dashboard displays the agent wise calls for the day, which would give you an idea about which agent tried to sell the most throughout the day. The dashboard could also display the number of incoming, outgoing and missed calls that were received. These dashboards are simple and colorful, showing distinctly the values in a pictorial representation such as pie, bar charts etc.A graph that shows the number of leads that were converted vs. the ones that are not converted allows the manager to dig deeper to find out what went wrong.With the help of these dashboards, business can focus on those areas for better lead conversion rate.

Live call Tracking

VAgent also has a feature that tracks all live calls. The managers/Team leads can see all the agents that are currently on call and the calls that are waiting in the queue. Calls that are waiting in the queue can be assigned to agents through the web panel so that no leads go missed. Managers can analyze the duration of calls for each agent or which agent takes a lot of time to answer calls. Analysis can also be made based on what time of the day most of customers are free for a discussion or which day the call flow increases. All these insights help business in lead conversion.

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