Do you have a Call Center business

Do you have a Call Center Business? Choose the right Solution that Works for You!

Call Center Solution

Do you run a call center business and want to choose the right call solution for your business? If yes then you must be aware of the thing that it is not that easy, isn’t it? But now in Minavo you can have the best solution for all your problems. There are a number of companies in the call center business and each of these solutions has a dozen features. But the question is that are all these features helpful for your business and how can these features help you to solve the problems of your call center business? In this blog, we are going to discuss the most common challenges of inbound sales and support.

The Most Common Challenges that call center business faces are:

A lot of incoming calls and very few people to handle them at a time

We all are aware of this problem.It is the biggest challenge for the sales and support teams.

Has this ever happened in your call center business too? I bet, it must have. So what do you do in this situation when you don’t have enough people to respond back?Do you also suffer from bad productivity and dissatisfy your customer? Well, if yes then Minavo has the best solution for you and we are going to discuss about that.

The next general problem in the call center business is the hurry of the call attendants. Yes, it is true. Your employees might try to close the call in hurry and this leads to bad customer experience. It is true that you cannot fire your employees neither can you can find employees who will answer each of the calls with the same level of excitement and energy. But what we can do is make their work a little easier. Some calls do not need actual assistant; their solution can be solved by the virtual assistants also. In this case, your call center employees will get the filtered calls only. It will save everyone’s time and increase the quality of call response. Minavo’s IVR is the best solution to this problem.

Put customers on hold for too long, and they end up hanging up the call?

This is one of another general problem in the call center business. But do you even know that dissatisfying your customer can lead to a business loss? Dissatisfied customers can switch to your competitor.

This thing also puts a high level of stress on your employees. It damages their productivity, and they choose to quit or change their job eventually.

Ideal Key Objectives of a Call Center

Callers Benefits

  • Callers should be getting a highly satisfactory experience
  • All their problems should get resolved
  • They should not have to wait for a long time

Business Benefits

  • The employee must handle more calls in less time
  • Associates should close more deals

Hence whenever you are searching for a call center solution, you should search for the feature that allows you to meet these objectives. 

Key features should look for in a call center solution

Skills-Based Routing

It is very important to save time. For example, if your caller talks in English, his call should be handled by a person who can answer in English. Before calling your caller should get the option to press a button for English or any other language. If your call center solution does not provide this feature to you, it means you are going to waste yours and the caller’s time. 

The next thing is that the calls should be responded on the basis of a specific technical area. For example, if you are in the banking business you should have different teams for explaining debt and other loan plans to the caller. These callers can be filtered with an extension before diverting the call to any agent.

Skills Based Routing is great for your team’s productivity and you have happier customers.

For this routing to work, your call center solution needs to have an essential feature which is a multi-level IVR.

Multi-Level IVR

You cannot implement skills-based routing unless you have a multi-level IVR. This system helps the caller to select the most appropriate person to solve their query. This solution helps the most if your company operates in different locations. In this case, you can keep a single number and the multi-level IVR can be used to speak to a particular branch.

Customized Call Queues

A customized call queue is another feature that you should consider while searching for a call center solution. In this feature, your customer will get to know about his expected time of wait.

Once a caller enters their preferences in the IVR telling about the purpose of the call and which department they want to speak to, the call center software transfers their call accordingly.

So these are some features that you must see in your call center solution to have better results. Minavo’s VAgent provides you the best calling solutions, it includes:

  • Call Recording
  • Smart Call Routing
  • IVR Solution 
  • SMS Alert
  • Welcoming Greetings
  • In-call Transfer
  • CRM Integration
  • Live Call Tracking

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