Everything you need to know about Australia toll-Free Numbers?

Everything you need to know about Australia Toll-Free Numbers?

Australia Toll-Free Numbers

Nowadays in the developing time, toll-free numbers have become the smart way for business communication. An Australia toll-free number allows businesses to manage calls from anywhere and callers to reach a business without any call cost. These numbers are also known as Australia 1800 or 1300 dial codes specifically used to map multiple local phone numbers behind it.

There are two options of choosing the numbers to connect with their customers in Australia i.e 1800 that are free numbers and 1300 that are shared cost numbers. 

The 1300 Australia number requires customers to call a business from a landline in the country at local call rates. Businesses can share these call costs with the customers. On the other hand, the 1800 Australia number enables customers to call a business from any landline or mobile phone in the country without incurring any call cost. The 1800 numbers are free to call numbers that do not allow businesses to share telecommunication costs with customers. Thus, these 1800 numbers receive more incoming calls than other business numbers.

It can uplift the brand image and your user’s calling experience with you. Such numbers provide a convenient channel to reach customers and fuel up a marketing track with the audience. Toll-free number services have different features depending upon the plan purchased. Basic features included are automatic call routing, IVR attendant, voicemail transcription, CRM integration, call controls, and many more. To reach the business goal and credibility 1800 and 1300 numbers are crucial assets for entrepreneurs.

How do these numbers work?

Australia phone numbers make a company to promote a telephone number that is easily accessible to clients in Australia. Thus, customers can easily reach the business with those numbers without any charges. The Incoming calls can even be directed to any mobile phone, landline, or IP address.

Toll-free numbers come with inbuilt management features as discussed below:

 · Flexible and versatile than a fixed landline

· Easy to route the call to mobile or landline if needed

· Increased call volume at a free or local call cost.

· Can be relocated to wherever you move in Australia

Benefits of using Australia Toll-Free Numbers:

  • Easy to Discover: Customers tend to contact the businesses that are most accessible. Australia toll-free numbers make your business easily available to the customers. Thus, it becomes possible for customers from all parts of the world to contact your business. 
  • Customer Support: The Australia toll-free number delivers the best customer service by giving them a free mode to connect with the businesses. The service becomes better when the toll-free numbers are integrated with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which makes it easy to connect anytime. 
  • Scalable with Dynamic Business: With the advancements, businesses keep changing with time. So the scalable nature of toll-free numbers is an advantage for businesses. You can keep the same number after shifting to any other location in Australia. Also, the plan can be changed as per the business need and call volume. 

Different Ways to Get a Toll Free number in Australia?

To get a toll-free number you need to be concerned with cloud telephony service providers. Businesses can easily opt for a virtual free phone number that aims to expand their service. On the other hand, you can directly call the toll free number providers to get a toll free number for your business.

A specialist will contact you for confirmation after your purchase request and you can ask the questions and clear the doubts from them.


Australia’s toll-free phone number is an ideal solution for the company located in Australia. It allows you to communicate with ease and maintain a presence throughout Australia while giving your customers satisfaction from your business. This can help you create a brand image and strong bond with the customers. 

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