How to pick an IVR Service Provider for your Business?

How to pick an IVR Service Provider for your Business?

IVR Service Provider

Most of you know what an IVR is. Well you are right, it is that beautiful voice that you hear when you call customer support but if you would ask for a technical definition, An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is phone system where humans interact with a programmed computer. The IVR system would have recorded voice prompts and would guide the caller and would usually provide the customer with the details required or connect them to an agent from the concerned department,who would be able to assist the customer.

IVR systems are not specific to a particular business and are very useful in not just large businesses but also small scale businesses. Have you every ordered Pizza online and got the wrong one delivered? Or have you ordered something online and have no idea where the package is? What would you do next? Customer support is our savior in such scenarios and IVR systems are used widely to assist customers. There should be no compromises while setting up the IVR system as it builds a relationship with the customer and the best customer service would boost the revenue of a business.Now if you planning to setup a business with an IVR system to assist the customer, the next question you would ponder about is -how to pick the right IVR service provider for your business?

It is very important that the right kind of service provider is selected and approached as there are a wide variety of options in the market and picking the right IVR service provider can be tough nut to crack. Here are some insights that will help you choose the right IVR service provider for your business.

Always Available

It is important that the IVRsystem is up and running even if your business is closed due to a holiday or due to it being after hours. An old proverb “Customer is King” is the key to business success .Customers could call at any time of the day for enquires or assistance and it is important to keep the customer happy by providing assistance whenever the customer is in the need of it. The perfect IVRservice provider would not have any down time and would be up and running All the Time.

Information Hub

The IVR can be taught to answer all the frequently asked queries of the customers. It can provide details about the services offered, payment etc. The IVR is usually assigned many options and the customers can choose options according to their requirements. If the IVR is not able to answer the customer’s queries it should be routed to a representative to assist the customer better.The idle IVR service provider will provide a system which has easy voice prompts and a system that provides all the information the customer needs and very rarely route to an agent for assistance.

Call Volume

A business would receive many calls depending on the type of products you sell or the various support services you provide. There would be days when you would get ample number of calls and there would be days when the call flow is less. It is important that no matter what the call flow is, the IVR service provider should be able to support the call volume.

Modify over Time

Businesses keep changing over time so the services you provided must also adapt over time. Whenever there are any changes to the services that your business provides, it is necessary that these changes can be easily implemented to the IVR system.

Integration with other applications

A very important factor to take note is if the IVR system can be integrated with other applications that are being used by the business to access customer details. With integration of the IVR to these applications, makes assisting customers more effective and easy.

Many IVR service providers provide some of these functions and it is important that you pick out a provider that provides you all these functions. Missing out any one of these would make the IVR less effective. If you are looking for an IVR service provider that provides you these and much more, look no further. Minavo’s VAgent is an idle solution for all your IVR needs. VAgent manages all your calls efficiently and round the clock so you would not miss out on any business calls.

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