Switch your Legacy Call Center to a Work-from-Home One

Switch your Legacy Call Center to a Work-from-Home One

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When you think of call centers, the first picture that comes to anyone’s head would be a large building with many employees with headsets answering phone calls and assisting customers. This is the typical legacy call center. But what do businesses do when there is sudden emergency? How will these call centers continue to function and deliver in spite of the situation. Emergencies in the form of inclement weather, epidemics, pandemics, protests can occur at any time due to which employees may not be able to work; hence businesses must be prepared to run the show. Taking the recent outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, stalled many legacy call centers hence it is very important that you switch to a call center where the agents can also work from home.

By allowing your agents to work from home you would be setting up a virtual call center where the agents would be dispersed geographically while compared to the legacy call centers. For example, an agent could be working from a house in Delhi and another agent could work from a hostel in Punjab.All of this can be achieved due to the advancement of cloud telephony and this model reaps good profit because it is cost effective in spite of the situation as your business is not affected and you would be able to assist the customers seamlessly.

Advantages of switching over to a work from home call centre setup

  • Cost effective

As the businesses do not have to invest on large infrastructure and an office set up.The main focus of the business is how the agents would connect to the virtualcall center and it is also very easy to add agents to the system if team size increases, in future.The calls that the agent receives can be easily monitored by a supervisor who would have access to the calls in a portal. Hence it is very cost effective.

  • Easy deployment

It is very easy to design the software and within a matter of minutes your agents would be able to start assisting customers. Once the software is in production you can also modify it as per your needs. You can add agents easily into the system without any long procedures.

  • No geographical limitation

While setting up a virtual call center,businesses don’t need to worry about which location to set up the call center or worry about renting out a place. Businesses just need to focus on hiring the best agent’s across the globe that can assist the customers. Having agents from different location is an added advantage as they can assist callers better and you could also have a round the clock support available for your customers.

  • Better Agent performance

The performance of an agent is better when they work from home while compared to ones that work from the call center. This is because they are more relaxed and have a lot of freedom to work as they work from the comforts of their home. Another factor is that the agent does not have to commute to work and they would save on a lot of time and energy which adds on to the performance of the agents.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

We cannot predict a particular time when the customer would call. The main motive of every business is to keep the customer happy.The customer would be happy when all their queries are addressed and attended to. When the business is always available to support,there is an increase in the customer experience and satisfaction as they receive assistance and support from the business even during times of emergencies.

  • Prepared for any emergency

Emergencies can occur at any time and it would be a huge loss for a business if there is no backup plan during such situation. With an option to work from home agents can continue to assist customers.

The process to switch to a work from home model is simple provided that you choose the best IVR service provider. Minavo Telecom Networks provides solutions to all your cloud telephony needs. VAgent a cloud based IVR system would be the idle software that you could use in your business. With VAgent you can easily switch to a work from home call center model.The Advantages of VAgent is that it can also be integrated easily with any tools and CRMsoftware that you might be using currently. Another notable feature is the report that is sent to the manager/supervisors regarding the calls that are handled by the agents. So it is easy for a supervisor to monitor the work done by the agents from just few clicks of a button.

Are you considering switching from the legacy call center to the latest work from home call center model? Reach out to us on 1800 572 2500 and we will guide you through. We will help you manage business calls professionally and efficiently with our various customizable IVR solutions.       

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