Smart Call Routing


VAgent performs smart call routing where the caller chooses certain options in the IVR and the call gets routed to the right department. Another form of smart call routing is when the software identifies the caller and routes the call to the concerned department. The software would be able to identify the caller based on the information that is stored in our database for example customer ID or case number.

Smart Call Routing helps to increase customer satisfaction and over all call efficiency. It is really simple to set up the configuration and rules of routing and can be modified according to the growing change within the organization.


Benefits of Smart Call Routing

Whom we have Managed

A few of our very wide list of clients whom we have served & managed.

  • Vmart
  • Thomson
  • Shobha
  • Sikka Broadband
  • Kodak
  • MMVD
  • Intex
  • IMT
  • CP Plus
  • Hero FinCorp
  • Elevator
  • India Gate
  • Nivea

Plans & Pricing

We offer customize plans based on your requirements.