Parallel Ringing


The most commonly used strategy in call centers is to ensure that the customer’s calls are attended immediately and there is maximum use of the agent’s availability so that customers are not placed on hold for a long time. Parallel Ringing is adopted in various call centers so that no lead gets missed. An inbound call will be redirected to all agents simultaneously, so if any agent is free, they can first pick the call and assist the customers. After the agent picks the call, it would get disconnected for all other agents. . The customers are not put on hold or long call waiting queues.

This feature can be configured along with many other advanced features of VAgent and you can also customize your virtual or toll free number based on your business requirements.


Whom we have Managed

A few of our very wide list of clients whom we have served & managed.

  • Vmart
  • Thomson
  • Shobha
  • Sikka Broadband
  • Kodak
  • MMVD
  • Intex
  • IMT
  • CP Plus
  • Hero FinCorp
  • Elevator
  • India Gate
  • Nivea

Plans & Pricing

We offer customize plans based on your requirements.