Live call tracking


VAgent provides live call tracking solutions where you will get a detailed report of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. These reports help you monitor the performance of your agents and you can also analyze and work on the missed calls and customer behavior pattern.

Though live call tracking, you can figure out the areas that need improvement and convert many leads into successful sales. Another very important factor is that call tracking can help you convert lost leads. For example if a lead did not convert to a sale, you can listen to the recorded calls and determine what went wrong during the call and call the customer once again by giving them a special offer or perhaps a free coupon to convert the lead. You can also identify if the fault is with the agent and ensure the agent is trained to handle such calls in the future.

Call tracking can be used in every industry as it increases the sales and profit of a company. Since it’s also very cost effective, it can be used by both large scale and small scale businesses.


Whom we have Managed

A few of our very wide list of clients whom we have served & managed.

  • Vmart
  • Thomson
  • Shobha
  • Sikka Broadband
  • Kodak
  • MMVD
  • Intex
  • IMT
  • CP Plus
  • Hero FinCorp
  • Elevator
  • India Gate
  • Nivea

Plans & Pricing

We offer customize plans based on your requirements.