missed call marketing for business

Missed Call Marketing for Business

Missed Call Service

Technology has grown to such a large extent that cloud telephony is used to help marketplace businesses. This growth is not restricted to a particular industry, Education, Media, Real Estate….you name it and cloud telephony has a significant role. Gone are the days when missed calls were used only if there was less talk time. The current advancement in technology has a simple missed call into a lot more you can imagine. Now when you give a missed call you would get a call or a message that provides you with your bank account details or the cricket score in return.

In the era when telephony was just booming for marketing business, ads on television had a certain number, that the customers could call to place an order for a product but currently there is new trend doing the rounds. Missed call marketing .So what is this marketing? After all it’s just dialing the number and disconnecting after a ring or two. How can it generate so much business and revenue for these industries? How can we generate business using the phone without an actual communication? Well if you think about it, it does make HUGE revenue. I’m pretty sure you would have seen those reality shows on the idiot box that have a different way to decide the winner of the show- You thought it right!! Based on the missed call a contestant would get as votes from the viewers. The contestant with highest number of votes would win the show. Let’s assume that the entire city calls to cast their votes for their favorite contestant .Imagine how painstaking it would be if these calls were manually attended by a human or for that matter keeping record of the number of votes casted for each contestant. Managing this high volume could only be achieved by advanced technology and automation.

Many customers facing industries, big and small make use of this service. Another very important sector which makes use of this missed call service is the banking industry. All the customer has to do is register his number and give a missed call from the registered number and they would get details like the last transaction, balance, mini statement and many other information. So now imagine how great it would be to book a table at your favorite restaurant with just a missed call or getting all the details of a course that you want to pursue from your favorite college. There are also few companies that use this service to get feedback from their customers after they assist them.

This service is a solution to reach out to a large audience and it creates a large database of all potential customers. The data obtained from a missed call is stored and used if there is a brand promotion or marketing campaigns. Since there are no long procedures to get the customers registered and zero cost involved for the caller, this service is simple and excellent choice for marketing. A win-win situation for the businesses and the customers. The missed call phone numbers would easy to remember and are promoted in hoardings and advertisements on the television, radio and the newspapers.

“Give us a missed Call…” is the latest trend phrase that’s doing the rounds. But if you still want to know more and get further details…”Just give us a Missed call” .

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