How To Maximize Your Call Centers Output With Auto Dialing Solutions Like Click2Call

How to maximize your Call Centers output with Auto Dialing Solutions like Click2Call

Click2Call Services

There are many auto dialing solutions that make it easier for the customers to reach the businesses. One such option is the Click2Call. It is known in different names such as click-to-talk, call me now etc but irrespective of what it’s called the function remains the same. Study shows that companies that make use of the Click2Call in their company have a higher chances of lead conversions.

Minavo offers two types of Click2Call Solutions:

Click2Call Widget

Click2Call is widget placed on the company website and if the customer has any enquires or is interested in the products, can click on the widget and enter their number. This would generate an immediate connection request with the company.The server then generates a call to the customer in the number provided and simultaneously generates a call to an agent who is free.

Click2Call CRM integration

In the Click2Call panel, the admin would have the right to upload the details of the customer after which he can schedule a campaign. At the scheduled time the servers call the numbers uploaded one by one and when the call connects to the customer, it simultaneously connects to a free agent.

Now that we have a clear idea of how the Click2Call works, let’s take a look at the how it can maximize the call centers output.

  • Easy to use

Since the web panel is simple, the agents would be able to assist the callers easily as all the information needed by the agent would be right in front of the agent and they would not have to look around for details. This makes the agent to make many calls in a day.

  • No Dialing

Usually when a call is over, agents take their own time to dial the next number. This decreases productive time but with Click2Call the server dials the number for the agent and once the agent is done with one customer, the server calls the next customer on the list and no time is wasted in dialing the number, making maximum use of the availability of each agent.

  • No time is waste

Since the server keeps assigning calls to the agents that are free, no time is wasted. Each agent would talk to a customer and once he is done would immediately be assigned the next call. This process ensures that maximum calls are made throughout the day without any delay in between calls.The agents also do not have to wait till the call is connected. The server connects the agents with the connected calls and drops the calls that are not connected.

  • No errors when number is dialed

When agents dial numbers to call the customers there is a possibility that they could dial the wrong number and they might not reach the customers. But in Click2Call, the server dials the number that is stored in the database and there is no chance for any error as it dials the number as it is stored. This ensures maximum customers are connected.

  • Simple Process

Agents would be exhausted to both dial numbers and talk to callers. But when the load is shared, the agent can give maximum productivity. With the Click2Call, the server takes the responsibility of dialing the customers while the agent just has to concentrate on talking to the customer and converting the leads into a successful sale.

Minavo™ Telecom Networks offers both Click2Call Widget and Click2Call CRM integration with many advantages like faster lead generations, easy integration to the Website or App and many more.The click2call service can be integrated easily with the any CRM application and both the agent and the customer would not be able to see the details thus maintaining the integrity.Now that you have an idea of how click2Call can be beneficial for your call center, it can be a very useful for lead conversion and increased sales. Contact Minavo Telecom Networks to know more about the Click2Call services and how you can get them for your businesses.

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