Do you want to improve the quality of Your Call Centre’s Business?

Do you Want to Improve the Quality of Your Call Centre’s Business?

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Foreign multi-national companies have created a bigger source of employment in India. This further has created a need for the call centers. Our country has a large number of call centers. A couple of years back it had become a trend to work in a call center. Most of the college-going youngster would join the call centers because of higher paychecks and the vibrant young crowd that worked in this industry. This job indeed looks fascinating but it’s not as easy as it looks. So here, we are going to discuss the ways to improve the quality of the call center. But before starting let us know about the exact definition of a call center.

A call center is a place that generally receives or transmits a large number of call requests for a particular business. Mostly there are two types of call centers

  • Inbound 
  • Outbound

Difference between Inbound and Outbound call center

Inbound call centers have customer service representatives who take the requests of customers by incoming calls. On the other hand the outbound call centers, employees have to make calls to the customers. It can be related to collecting payments or telemarketing. The important thing is the operational performance of a call center. It should be enough to help a particular business and achieve the desired goals. Hence for any company, it is very important to focus on the call center quality.

Six fundamental ways to improve the quality of the call center

Let us discuss the fundamental ways to improve the quality of a call center.

Best Customer Service 

The reputation of a call center is considered by the quality of customer service provided by the call center agents. The way they represent and communicate with the customers to resolve their problems. Hence it is very important to choose the right one for you.

Call Monitoring 

Next comes the call monitoring. The quality department needs to monitor all the service calls nicely. They need to assess whether the calling agents are performing well or not? It’s the best way of practicing and implementing excellent customer service. In this way, you can identify the drawbacks as well. According to reports, the customer service executive can be trained and can be given proper feedback and motivation.

Effective Training

The next thing that matters a lot to improve the quality of the call center is the best training of the calling executive, after all this is what a call center is all about. Every calling executive needs to have a thorough knowledge of all the processes and products they are working for. This thing helps them to solve customers’ problems and queries effectively. 

Key Performance Indicator

KPI means Key Performance Indicator. This business metric analyses the parameters that are obstacles to the growth of the business. Most common KPIs of the call center call abandon rates, monetary cost per call, number of first call resolution, queue time, and call completion rate. Once you do the proper analysis of these KPIs, you can increase the quality of the organization and other activities to grow the business.

Emphasize the Growth

Growth is the next factor that every employee aspires for. The customer service executive should also be given the chance to handle other areas of the department. For example, supervising the fresher’s team of the calling agents or training them for accent/linguistic once in a while. These boost their confidence and give them a break from the monotony of the working routine. All of this can be achieved by using Minavo’s Call Center Solution. We help all the call centers and other businesses to handle their large volumes of inbound and outbound calls like professionals.

Reduce Attrition Rate

Is the attrition rate of your call center exceptionally high? It should not be. But the truth is that the high work pressure, tiredness, irritability, failure in meeting targets are the reasons to increase this rate of attrition. On the other hand, the rotational working shifts are also not good for health. These things affect the quality of a call center collectively. All you need to do is counsel the agents from time to time. You must also reward and encourage them for their good performances and then gradually raise the benchmark. 

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