Did you know Businesses Lose $75 Billion Due To Poor Customer Service

Did you know Businesses Lose $75 Billion Due To Poor Customer Service

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Customer service plays a key role in business growth and development. A report by NewsVoiceMedia indicated that $75 Billion is lost by companies due to poor customer service in a year. Thinking about it, $75 billion is a huge sum of money to be lost just because of customer service. The report also talks about what customers do when they do not get what they want. This study is very useful as it gives a better understanding of customer behavior and what a business needs to do to keep the customer happy.

We have all heard of a very famous business motto” Customer is King” this is because if there are no customers there are no businesses.Study shows that brands will win or lose their customers based on how well the customers are attended to. Customers tend to get irate when the product or the service do not meet their expectation or if their trust is broken. So it is idle to keep the customer happy in order for the business to grow. For example if a customer orders a large pizza and gets a small one instead, even if the customer calls helpdesk and if nobody can helphim out, leaves the customer  extremely frustrated and would never recommend the company to anyone from his friends circle. On an average, happy customers will tell 10 people about their experience and disappointed customers will tell 15.Complaints spread like wildfire and this could be huge loss for the company. This is when the customers consider switching to other companies that offer same services or more. Since there are many similar companies out in the market, it becomes easier for the customers to switch.

To avoid customers from switching, companies should ensure that they understand the customer and their needs and serve them accordingly. Taking our pizza example again, if the customer helpdesk could have helped the customer, like give him a free pizza in the next order or dispatch a free large pizza right away would likely make the customer do business with them again. Businesses need to train the agents to be more empathetic and friendly so that they can serve customers because if the agents can build a connection with the customer, they would never think of switching to another brand.

Customers would prefer taking to an agent when they need help instead of dropping a message or email and waiting for areply. They would want to make sure their concerns are heard. Another few reasons for customers to get irate are:

  • Waiting on hold for a long time.
  • Repeating the issue to multiple Agents.
  • Unprofessional and impersonal interaction from the agents.
  • No follow-ups

Study also shows that customers prefer talking to a human rather than going through many IVR options just to escalate a concern. Hence remember to make your IVR short and simple. Customer get very angry if they are kept waiting for a long time as they want their concerns to be addressed. So care should be taken that an experienced agent deals all the calls pertaining to escalations.

Companies need to follow up with customers to see if they are happy with the services offered or if the issue is resolved but most companies fail to do so. Customers would never stick with a business that has let them down,they would never give the company a second chance and they just leave.

For companies to introspect what went well and what could have been better in their service, they conduct surveys and collect feedbacks from their customers. This step would give a broader view on how the business is performing and the company can work on the areas that they think needs improvement. Small tweaks in customer service can help the company grow and save them from huge loss.

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